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ATOS Healthcare at War With Home Guard

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This evening's update on ATOS Healthcare's blitzkrieg on Internet-based Useless Eaters:

CarerWatch are still waiting to hear back from ATOS's chief solicitor, James Loughrey, about which posts on their forum gave him an attack of the vapours.

Unkind commentators have suggested the reason for the extended delay is ATOS is desperately trying to find some kind of evidence from the now closed forum, to justify their actions - a task not made easier by their cyber-sleuth's failure to keep forensically sound copies of the offending items.
After Atos took the full force of ATOS's original attack. 
This is, I have to say, a prĂ©cis of entirely unfounded speculation mined from a conversation between a journalist from a major international news company and an informed insider.

The news is already making its way to the mainstream with the Scottish Herald reporting the story - an almost unheard inclusion of hard-news, at a time when its pages are normally stuffed with reports from the opening of the Haggis Shooting Season.

ATOS's attempts to prevent anyone making fun of their logos has backfired spectacularly with dozens of new designs cropping up all over teh intawebs.

Even the really quite famous cartoonist Crippen, is getting in on the act:

Crippen's Tribute to the Black Triangle Group
The net result from ATOS's tsunami of letters to ISP's has been to weld the formally disparate group of activists into a coherent and effective collective, operating under the banner of the Nazi's badge for the arbeitsscheu, the Black Triangle.

Their websites and forums are now hosted in safe-haven countries and with the data backed-up by  supporters in the Ukraine and Russia. One leading campaigner commented “Nice one Loughrey, we owe you a pint”.
Solicitor Loughrey - Silly Billy


Anonymous, the worldwide group of computer vandals, gangsters and animatronic muppets have decided to include ATOS in their target list for their forthcoming #OpBritain campaign.

Oh Shit.

3 Replies :

Anon (of course) said...

Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! *dies*

Afteratos said...

HahaHa lovely and thanks for the HomeGuard. 

Socrates said...

They're not doing a very good job of shutting us up, are they?

I mean seriously, a multi-billion pound foreign company picking of sick and elderly grannies. Not even the SAS would take that one on.

Fuckin' IT people you see... All geekery and no social skills,  they're bound to end up with black eyes and their girlfriends running off with the drummer and his mates.

As much as I just want Phenobarbital from a Canadian pharmacy, I might just hold on awhile to see how this pans out...

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