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ATOS Worker - Disabled are “Parasitic”

The Facebook page of the ATOS Healthcare administrator discovered calling the sick and disabled "Parasitic Wankers" has been forwarded to the NWCAC.

Tony Treasure enjoying the ATOS funded lifestyle.

Anthony Treasure quickly deleted his Facebook presence on Sunday morning after Martin Webb and Stuart Wyatt, a Plymouth based disability activist and former serviceman began making fun of him and asking hundreds of people to complain to his bosses.

writing to every one of more than 600 MP's 

One of these people, a London based Anarchist spent three days writing to every one of more than 600 MP's demanding Treasure's sacking.

Charmed I'm Sure

Quickly his open Facebook wall filled up with howls of protest from the disabled:

“Hello Mr Treasure. 
I've emailed that screenshot of you calling disabled people 'parasitic wankers'  to your vicious, morally bankrupt employers - who've been persecuting the sick and disabled for years and  to the Guardian, Independent, and the Mirror. (Tell me does the term 'parasitic wankers' also apply to servicemen and women who've lost limbs? )
Schoolboy errors are :-( when you have a mortgage to pay...

Unfortunately for you, your schoolboy error has gone viral ...Welcome to the parasitic wankers club... Neena Agnihotri
“Can I also add that my "parasitic wanker" has 4 children who are all drafting letters to your bosses as I type this... Ben Polkey

Atos received many complaints first thing on Monday morning and claim to be taking the matter seriously. As of 18:00 hrs 12 Aug 2011, the New Republic has still not received a reply to our enquiries as to the exact nature of its taking-the-matter-seriously.

Treasure and wife Amelia both said to be tired and emotional
after having visited the New Republic.
They have however asked me, to ask you. to write to them politely and express your feelings on this matter:

Treasure's remarks have unpleasant echoes of language used to denigrate the sick and disabled of pre-war  Germany in preparation for their eventual extermination, and the news is even being reported in Japan:

← 何デビーカー、ATOS HCPは、彼女のクライアントの考え?
2011年8月7日 Holmey http://indymedia.org.uk/en/2011/08/483162.html

Tony Treasure in happier times, about to leave for work.
昨日の後にアンソニートレジャーと呼ばれる健康診断センターの管​理者が呼び出し側の検出された彼女のFacebookのページ、​まだ別のATOSの従業員に"ダウン&アウト"HCPとしてAT​OSのために働きながら、彼女が扱っている病気と無効を呼び出す​デビーカー、この時点で見つける障害者と病人、彼はこれが24時​間未満にまでなっている2であると彼の Debbie Carr Facebookページ上での作業"寄生Anthony Treasure Wankers"で扱って、黒い三角形が、これは内の機関である​場合があるとどのように多くの疑問に思う

彼のコメントフルサイズを見るには画像をクリックして - ので、障害者、病人、今ATOSスタッフによると、"寄生Wan​kersは"です.

Ripped-off wholesale from here

Edited 12 Aug 2011 to replace some facts with some other truer facts and added a picture of Tony, which I'm sure is about to turn me Queer.

UPDATE: Wed 7 September 2011: Teh Muppet got sacked


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Thanks for the link. I sent my email. Looking forward to hearing confirmation that he has been sacked.

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