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A4e Data Disclosure Disaster

400MB of internal A4e documents have been leaked in the last 24 hrs.
You'll never find a pair of handcuffs big enough for my ego, mate
The troubled welfare-to-unpaid-slave-labour company A4e, run by Emma Harrington from her stately home, is already under investigation for totally taking the piss by screwing the taxpayer out of £100's of millions of pounds for attempting to find work for the terminally ill, chronically disabled and the sort of misanthropic anti-socials you wouldn't trust to not to eat your chihuahua. 

The information included a considerable amount of personal data, details of all of the companies working with and for A4e and the statistical information that the Government has previously refused to release.

Not surprising when it shows that only 8% of their unemployed clients actually got a job - real, or workfare. That is 10% less than people left to their own devices...

A complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office has been made and is awaiting the assignment of a Case Officer.

The breech occurred when the scruffy radicals from the Ipswich Unemployed Action group discovered using a highly sophisticated forensic investigation tool known as "Google", that some muppet from A4e had uploaded nearly 1/2 GB of highly sensitive information to their server, without even the benefit of password protection.


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