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Even the Dying Will Work

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Terminally ill cancer patients face
being forced to do unpaid work
Britain's Prime Minister David Cunteron.
Latest government plans to reduce the financial burden of the sick and disabled of Britain have been tonight revealed.

a mistake to have got caught-out

The news comes after Tesco's was forced to clarify its position on advertising unpaid, night-shift, shelf-stacking jobs, with the company explaining that given the public furore, it was obviously a mistake to have got caught-out.
Shareholders are said to be “ecstatic”
Britain's biggest supermarket company, that last year made a profit of more than £3 billions, said however, that it will continue to use the benefit claimants on account of them being cheap and desperate not to lose their benefits for fear of having their children taken into care.

This is a supportive measure

In response to the howls of outrage from disability and mental health charities, a government spokesman said “This is a supportive measure”.

The proposals come in the government's Welfare Reform Bill that it making its torturous way through parliament.

Further information from the original article here.

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