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Germany Calling - Aktion Arbeitsscheu Reich

This video, with a typically ernest German protest song attached, is about their government's attempt to control the country's spiralling cost of social and unemployment benefits.

It is also noticeable for its use of Nazi imagery. This is not something young Germans do lightly - after all, displaying and publicising Nazi materials without a sound reason is a criminal offence.

In Great Britain with have the ESA and the loathsome ATOS Healthcare, in Germany they have Hartz IV (pronounced Hearts Fear). Failure to comply with the directions from the Jobcentres, often arbitrary and unfair, leads to predictable sanctions.

Instead of Workfare, they have the Ein Euro Job, otherwise know as an “additional expenses” job. The “Ein Euro” referes to these additional expenses.

If anyone refuses to work for nothing, sanctions are enforced.

 Another fine German protest song about Hartz IV

Of course for the Bundesagentur für Arbeit** (BA) this is to be welcomed.

They are run with strict financial penalties and bonuses for staff, who either act like human beings and eventually get sacked, or otherwise pick-up large bonuses for de-benfitting the HatzIV recipients.

“Jobcentermitarbeiter gratulieren sich
zu verhängten Hartz IV-Sanktionen”***
“defend yourselves before it is too late”
In the first quarter of 2010, about 180,000 penalties and reductions of the Hartz IV payments were imposed...

1 About half of all sanctions prove at least partly illegal. 2 Ultimately, the sanctions as marshalling yards...

They immediately save money [the standard month rate of unemployment benefit is € 374], and then it hoped that the punished do not go on to defend themselves.

Fortunately, the court and appeals are provided later, in addition, the BA can with the sanctioned beautify their unemployment statistics to zero...

* State Work-Shy Action - Resist the Beginning
** State Office for Work (Department of Employment)
*** Job Center staff to like to congratulate Hartz IV sanctions imposed

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