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Arbeitsscheu Muß Sterben!

The Work-shy must Die!
(Freely) With you, you carry the lifetime cost of the genetically diseased.
The Commons today have dumped the Lords' futile attempts at softening the impact of the Welfare Reform Bill.

The sick and disabled of both Britain and the other poor and unfortunate Euro-nations, will now bare the major cost of the cancerous German style Hartz IV reform.

1933-07-26 - Arthur Gutt - Law on the Prevention of
Genetically Diseased Offspring (German)
Meanwhile the sick and disabled 

Meanwhile on the streets the activists and sick and disabled are finalising their suicide pacts, while Poundland gears up to have a 20,000 strong army of starving and easily biddable Chavs on £0 p/hr to lead Britain out of the worst economic and moral shitstorm since the 1930's.

far preferable to life as a Erbkranker, in the UK today

Fuck, death is far, far preferable to life as a Erbkranker, in the UK today. The warnings of the Rabbis have been ignored; after all one must never, ever equate anything with the Nazis.

Hearing the Voice of Moses - Rabbi Debbi Somers-Young / Kalyia Franklin 13th January 2012

In Nazi Germany, well before there were Jewish pogroms and camps, disabled and mentally ill German citizens were rounded up, and it was for them that camps were initially developed. And how were the rest of the population convinced this was ok? They were told that these people were an economic drain on the nation. 

Holocaust Memorial Day - Danni Neumann 25th January 2012

The Nazi campaign started by targeting not the Jews but disabled people. They where quietlygassed in the first experiments with Zyklon B, these people were comparativelylow in numbers, were less likely to be missed, could not speak up forthemselves, and had no-one to speak up for them.
Then after a large propaganda campaign that tapped intothe populations anger about the country economic state, the murder of millions begun long standing prejudice's like...

"they think the world owes them something",
"They are a drain on the country's limited resources",
"they do not work so they are worthless",

"It would be kinder not to mention cheaper to kill them, preferably at birth",

...Are stomach turning yet they are statements I hear from people and politicians every day. Maybe not put quite as frankly or bluntly as that but the underlining argument and sentiment is the same.

We have entered a new age

We have entered a new age today. Where those caught up in the polite realpolitik of Westminster suddenly realise, that no number of emails to right wing Tories will ever soften their hearts; no amount of sloganeering, nor 100 strong demonstrations of disabled people will get them the traction they strive for.
Kauft Nicht Bei Nazis (Don't Buy From Nazis) (German)

The truth is, nothing short of Direct Action can have any chance of impacting on this debate. People are dying. People are being driven to their deaths by bullies and by the fear of poverty and homelessness.

People are dying

The Government, Opposition and Media have set a firestorm and the crips and the sick and the unemployed are being knocked down like skittles in the hurricane force inrush of supporters.

The Government, Opposition and Media have set a firestorm

Iain Duncan Smith Dr. Walter Groß said recently in the 1930's
We recall the days of delirium, when millions of unemployed had been thrown on the street by a sick political and economic system, made superfluous.
A single person pried the tracks apart and derailed a train... ...and stole their money.
And what did the world of yesterday say? “He can’t help himself. He is a victim of circumstances. He has Beethoven’s hands and an artistic temperament. We need not put him on the gallows or in prison to protect us and our children.
One must NEVER equate anything with the Nazis. Ever. Period.
No, this poor Schlesinger is only sick because of his environment. Put him in a modern sanitarium, give him what he needs: radio, a library, a smoking salon, a language teacher, a pastor, a newspaper room, ...In a few years, this murderer... will leave as an ideal human being, so pure and innocent that one can put him in charge of a kindergarten.”
That’s what people thought in the past.
Today that seems a bad joke to us, a crazy fantasy, 
but a few years ago it was government policy in Germany...
Welcome to the end of the world as we know it

And indeed in the UK. Welcome to the end of the world as we know it. I'm not going out quietly. I suggest you join me on the streets and we'll die like men, women, crips, and chavs.

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