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The Trial of Socrates - Part 665

That'll be £50,000 plus £50,000 Court Costs, Please
The Trial of Socrates continues its glacial progress at the High Court in London, with a procedural hearing on the first of December debuting the case before Master Ley.

A claim for £50,000 & a small shrubbery

Socrates is fighting a claim for £50,000, a small shrubbery and an Order laying responsibility for the content of the whole of teh Intawebs, squarely at his feet.

Expensive, posh and good
Fisher Meredith solicitors are instructing Matrix Chambers, the noted UK human rights law firm in leading the New Republic's defence team.

Socrates meanwhile, is still chained to his desk at the University's law library and is refusing to leave on account of “blatantly anachronistic and old fashioned Regulations barring litigants from permanent residency on University property”.

Fighting for the dignity and self respect of women 

He went on to say "Fighting for the dignity and self respect of women with what often is a dustbin diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder is well worth a two year legal battle and bankruptcy.

The Right of the British to satirise a Californian shrink

Furthermore the Right of the British, to satirise a Californian shrink, is not up for negotiation"

Dustbin diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder

Are you any good at benefit forms?
The Official Solicitor has therefore been engaged to take over all of Socrates' other responsibilities and all of the staff at the New Republic are looking forward to receiving editorial input  from him and his team.

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Sanabitur Anima Mea said...


Socrates said...

We are stardust; we are golden; and we've got to get back to the Garden... 

Clay Adams said...

You could send that shrink a package containing two Xmas gifts and a note. A little plastic-framed mirror, and a bottle of "Summer's Eve" (feminine deodorant). The note would say, "Yore UGLY, and yore cunt stinks!" Wait a week, then send another mirror with a note saying, "Yore still UGLY!" It works, it drives them crazy. Well worth the small expense.

I hope you're well.

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