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The Trial

blogging hack digs out law books

Apologies for the dearth of new posts: our fearless editor is preparing to battle dragons in the High Court as the case for reform of the UK libel laws is brought home to bedroom bloggers everywhere.

The judge in the case, Mr Justice Algenon Q. Marbley-Warburtons-Thickly, can be seen in the video above, practising his summing up.

Further details will follow as and when and if we are able... A defence fund is being set up by people more sensible than ourselves and they will shorty be in touch with Direct Debit forms and emotional blackmail....

Socrates, commenting over a crackly telephone line, from deep within the bowels of the University Law Library, said this evening

“does anyone know how to spell
vexatious Yankee balderdash”

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